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Red and blue decks of playing cards and padlocks inside glass impossible bottles

'Locked Up' Impossible Bottle

A perfectly sealed deck of cards in a bottle, imprisoned with a padlock...


The deck of playing cards contains all 52 cards in order, as well as both jokers. It is perfectly sealed in its cellophane/plastic wrapping. There is a small 'window' cut into the side of the box which clearly shows the playing cards inside.


The padlock is constructed from solid brass, and cannot be removed. It is suspended within the bottle, and secured with a decorative "monkey's fist" knot which is secured through the centre of the cork.


The bottle is a completely normal glass bottle like any you would buy. It has not been sawn, cut, melted or altered in any way. Everything you see inside the glass bottle has been meticulously placed there by hand.

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