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Black Artisan playing cards and brass bolt in an impossible bottle

Black Artisan Impossible Bottle

A stunning mix of gold, noir and glass...


This impossible bottle uses the exquisite Black Artisan deck from Theory11, impaled with a brass bolt. The bolt is solid and in one piece. It is secured in place with a washer and a nut at each end. There is just 1cm clearance between each ends of the bolt and the sides of the bottle, with no room to manoeuvre.


The deck of playing cards contains all 52 cards, as well as both jokers. It is perfectly sealed in its cellophane/plastic wrapping. There is a small 'window' cut into the side of the box which clearly shows the playing cards inside.


The bottle is a completely normal glass bottle like any you would buy. It has not been sawn, cut, melted or altered in any way. Everything you see inside the glass bottle has been meticulously placed there by hand.

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