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Welcome to the new Impossible Bottle website!

I'm delighted to have launched the brand new Impossible Bottle website. I first started making impossible bottles nearly ten years ago, and during that time my old website (below) served me well.

Screenshot of the homepage of the old Impossible Bottle website

However, ten years is a long time in the digital world, and the website gradually became less responsive and user-friendly for a changing online audience.

The new website features a brand new look, more information about my impossible bottles and a fully responsive layout for all platforms. I hope you’ll find it easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Screenshot of the homepage of the new Impossible Bottle website

I will be periodically updating this blog with impossible bottle related news, images and links, so please do check back regularly, and if you'd like to stay connected, please follow Impossible Bottle on Facebook.

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