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Impossible Bottles featured on PhysicsFun

In the wider world of puzzles, toys and general oddities, impossible bottles occupy only a small niche. There is an huge variety of incredible creations available for the discerning collector.

Ray Hall, a physics professor at California State University, is one such collector, running the hugely popular Instagram feed physicsfun. Over many years Ray has hand-curated an extensive collection of physics-based puzzles, objects and scientific curiosities.

I was delighted to see my Locked Up impossible bottle recently featuring on physicsfun, with Ray describing it as "one of the best I've seen". He even included a short video, featuring a close-up of the cards inside the bottle:

The best part of having my bottles featured on social media is to read the discussions and comments that they generate. In particular, I love to hear the ideas that people put forward to explain how I make them. These range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but are always entertaining!

To view more of Ray's collection you can visit


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