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Incredible Impossible Bottle Painting

Impossible Bottles are all about creating a little bit of wonder and astonishment for others. Normally it's me doing the creating, but recently that situation was unexpectedly reversed.

Out of the blue I was contacted by Bryan Hible, a local acrylic painter who works in a realist style. I know very little about art, but a quick look on Bryan's website shows that he creates amazing, ultra-realistic paintings of every day objects. For example, there is a whole gallery dedicated to the board game Monopoly. The detail and realism in these paintings are simply incredible.

Therefore I was delighted when Bryan asked if he could paint one of my impossible bottles. Of course, I was happy to oblige, and sent him this photograph...

Red deck of cards in an impossible bottle

A few weeks went by, and then Bryan was back in touch with an image of the finished work. Here is what it looked like:

Painting of a red deck of cards in an impossible bottle

At first I was a confused. Bryan had obviously made a mistake, and returned the original photograph that I had sent to him. But then I realised...this was the painting itself.

Now it was my turn to be astonished - Bryan had painted one of my impossible bottles, and I could barely distinguish between his painting and my actual photograph.

Bryan tells me that the original painting has now been sold. Somebody, somewhere, now has on their wall a piece of wonder and astonishment. In more ways than one...

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