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Artisan Impossible Bottle

Playing card aficionados will be familiar with the bewildering choice of decks available today. The standard blue and red Bicycle playing cards are iconic of course, but when making an impossible bottle, sometimes it's great to use something a bit more special.

Enter the theory11 Artisan deck...

This was a recent commission, and the first time I had used this deck of cards. However, I have to say it is without doubt my new favourite design, and for once the advertising blurb isn't just hype.

This was in the style of my "Nerves of Steel" impossible bottle, so normally I would have included a stainless steel bolt. However, the buyer who commissioned this work had the inspired idea to use a brass bolt instead, which turned out perfectly, beautifully matching the gold gilding on the deck.

The bottle was completed with a brass padlock (omitted from the pictures as it was stamped with the buyer's name). The end result? A stunning mix of noir, gold and glass, and certainly one of the most elegant impossible bottles I have ever created.

Do you have a favourite deck of cards that you'd love to see in a bottle? Contact me today to make it a reality!


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