Impossible Bottle in The Guardian


It was great to see a nod to my impossible bottles in one of the Guardian’s supplementary magazines this weekend.  I originally submitted my images to the Guardian website as part of a “readers’ hobbies” feature, and I was delighted to see my photograph selected from hundreds of others and sent to print!



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Smoke and Mirrors


Are you trying to quit smoking and looking for inspiration?  Perhaps you have a friend or relative who’s kicked the habit, and deserves some recognition?  Or maybe your work involves helping people to lock away the cigarettes for good?  If you fit into any of those categories, I may have just created the impossible bottle for you!

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Poker Bottle


If you’ve done any research into impossible bottles before, you’ll see that all manner of objects have been bottled.  These include golf balls, Rubiks cubes, shoes, tennis balls and books.  All fairly common-place objects, but when seen in a bottle, turned into works of art.

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Impossible Bottles on Regretsy


My Steampunk bottle recently appeared on Regretsy.  Thankfully, not as a dodgy item somebody had seen on Etsy, but rather to raise money for a charitable cause!

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