The Steampunk Impossible Bottle


Bring back memories of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and all things steam-powered with this Steampunk-inspired impossible bottle.  It was created for a very special purpose which I’ll be revealing soon.  Let me know what you think in the comments below, and head over to my Culture Label store if you want to get your hands on one of these before anybody else…


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The Vintage Series 1800 Bottle


As I mentioned in a previous post, there are a lot of fantastic decks out there and it occurred to me that I was doing a great disservice to my art by not bottling at least some of them.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the simplicity of the standard Bikes (they didn’t become the most recognisable playing cards in the world for nothing), but some of the other decks have a very different aura and feel.

So here’s my first offering…the fantastic Vintage Series 1800 deck, ‘ripped from history’ as the advertising blurb goes.  It has the feel of Western shootouts, saloons and sheriffs about it, and I have to be honest – I love it.  Now if only I can get Clint Eastwood to sign the deck…

Let me know what you think in the comments below.  I’m hoping to add these to the website soon, but if you’d like one in the meantime, just get in touch.


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The Paul Harris Bottle


A little while back I showed you an impossible bottle signed by Paul Daniels.  Well this time I have another famous-name bottle to show you – and it so happens to be another Paul.

If you’ve performed card magic for any reasonable length of time, there’s no doubt you’ll have come across the wonderful magic of Paul Harris.  Chances are you probably have at least one of his effects in your repertoire.  The magic profession owes much to Paul’s bizarre and innovative effects, many of which were collated in his seminal Art of Astonishment book set.

I have a very personal attachment to these books, as it was in them that I first read about impossible bottles, and the wonderful creations of Harry Eng.  Not so long ago I contacted Paul and asked him to sign a deck for me to preserve for posterity.  I present to you the Paul Harris impossible bottle:


Click to enlarge


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Custom Bottle Requests


If you buy playing cards regularly, you’ll know that there are an absolute plethora of designs available.  This is especially true of Bicycle playing cards, with new decks being released at an astonishing rate.

So do you have a favourite deck (or any other object for that matter) that you’d like to see preserved for posterity in a bottle?  If so, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you out!


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