Poker Bottle


If you’ve done any research into impossible bottles before, you’ll see that all manner of objects have been bottled.  These include golf balls, Rubiks cubes, shoes, tennis balls and books.  All fairly common-place objects, but when seen in a bottle, turned into works of art.

So far my experience with impossible bottles has been fairly limited.  I’ve tended to stick to playing cards (with the occasional padlock and steel bolt).  However, I have plans afoot to start attempting more unusual objects.

With the proliferation of online gaming sites like, and the popularity of poker in general, I think a poker-themed bottle is on the cards (pun intended!).  It is well known that Harry Eng, the master bottle-filler, created an ingenious device for putting coins into bottles.  I’m creating my own prototype of a device that will accomplish the very same thing, so a metal poker-chip in a bottle is a real possibility.

What would you like to see in a poker-themed bottle?  Obviously playing cards and chips are a must, but what about other objects?  A miniature card table perhaps?  An automatic shuffling machine?  A hidden gun for when tempers flare?

Let me know in the comments below!

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